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Red Rock Secured Review: Ratings, Fees, & More

Ilir Salihi

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Red Rock Secured is a gold company that specializes in helping customers set up and manage gold individual retirement accounts (IRAs). The southern California based company has been in business since 2010 and has helped thousands of Americans diversify their portfolios with physical precious metals.

In this Red Rock Secured review, we’ll take a look at Red Rock’s services and see how they compare to other gold IRA dealers in this small, but crowded marketplace.

Warning: May 2023 Update - Red Rock Secured has been charged by the SEC in an alleged case of fraud. Information about these charges are posted on the SEC's website. Additional information on the charges can also be found here. We will continue to monitor the story and post updates on this page.

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Red Rock Investor Report

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Red Rock Secured - Executive Summary:

Don’t have time to read the full review? 

Red Rock Secured has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau along with top rankings across the leading customer review and watchdog organizations. 

BBB consumer reviews show a 4.82/5 star average rating based on 88 Red Rock reviews. 

Red Rock Reviews BBB

A+ with the BBB

What’s Unique About Red Rock Secured?

No out-of-pocket fees when you establish a new account. Many customers qualify for no custodial or storage fees for the life of their account. Red Rock also offers zero management fees. If you ever have questions about your account, or are ready to sell, you can call Red Rock. 

If you need to sell your metals, Red Rock Secured offers customers a fair market value when they buy back your precious metals.

This company uniquely offers a price-protection guarantee on your purchase.

If the price of gold drops within seven days of your purchase, the company will compensate you up to $10,000 in precious metals to compensate for the price difference.

Current promotion: Up to $5,000 in free silver coins with qualifying purchase

Based on our findings, we’ve added Red Rock Secured to our short list of gold IRA companies that we recommend for 2023.

Click here to visit Red Rock Secured and request more information.

Company Background

Red Rock Secured is a privately held company located in El Segundo, California. With over a decade in business, the gold IRA company has been recently:

  • Listed #211 in INC 5000’s fastest growing private companies in the U.S.
  • Featured in Fortune magazine’s Recession Playbook
  • Featured in Benzinga, Retirement Living, and other mainstream financial outlets

Red Rock’s CEO Sean Kelly has been in the financial industry since 2003, and specialized in precious metal IRAs since 2010. 

Sean Kelly CEO of Red Rock Secured

Sean Kelly, CEO of Red Rock Secured

Sean Kelly has worked for a few U.S. Mint listed dealers, including acting as Vice President at Augusta Precious Metals from 2014 to 2017 before joining the Red Rock Secured team.

Red Rock Secured Products and Services

Red Rock Secured can facilitate the cash sales of precious metals to U.S. customers, but the meat of their business is in opening and managing precious metal IRAs. The company serves:

  • Cash sales with a purchase minimum of $1,500
  • Gold IRA sales with a purchase minimum of $10,000

Note that all cash sales include insurance and free shipping on your metals to any location within the U.S. 

We also like to see this IRA account minimum of $10,000. Some gold IRA companies have account minimums as high as $50,000 making them out of reach for many customers. 

If opening a gold IRA with Red Rock Secured, you are of course limited to the IRA-eligible bars and coins. If buying gold and silver for your personal collection, they also sell a wide range of unique premium coins that may not be found with some other IRA focused companies.

Red Rock has access to all of the major Mints. The company sells collector coins, monetized bullion, proof sets, junk silver, and more. 

Below is just an example of the bullion and premium gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products that you can purchase if you choose to work with Red Rock Secured:

  • American Eagle coins (bullion or proof) in silver, gold, or platinum
  • Gold American Buffalos (bullion or proof)
  • Austrian Gold Philharmonic coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf coins (gold, silver, or platinum)
  • Canadian Gyrfalcons (gold or silver)
  • Pamp Suisse bars
  • Credit Suisse bars
  • Valcambi bars
  • South African Krugerrands in gold, silver, or platinum
  • Silver America the Beautiful coins

Again, this is not an exhaustive list. If you’re interested in specific bars or coins, make sure to ask your account executive. I spoke with someone on their team in the process of writing this review. They noted that availability fluctuates for some coins, but ensured they can secure just about any metal you’re looking for.

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Request Your Free investor Report (2023)

Red Rock Investor Report

Free Report from Red Rock Secured Reveals Strategies to Buy Physical Gold and Silver (Tax-Free) with Your 401(k)...

Price Protection Plan

Note: If comparing Red Rock against competitors, make sure to ask about your price protection. This is a rare offer and one that we believe separates Red Rock Secured from some of their competition.

After buying your precious metals, Red Rock gives you a window of time that protects your purchase price. Let’s say for example, that three days ago, you bought $100,000 worth of gold for your IRA, and today the price of gold crashed 10%.

Red Rock would reset the transaction and add another $10,000 of metals into your IRA. This is an excellent program that adds security and peace of mind to your purchase. 

Ask about this when vetting Red Rock and different gold IRA companies. Likely, none of the other gold IRA companies will match this price protection plan.

Request more information from Red Rock’s website.

Red Rock Secured Reviews, Ratings, and Reputation

Many of the gold IRA companies we review on this site have done billions in customer transactions. Some of the top companies (like Red Rock) have been in business for over a decade. 

This being the case with such a high volume of sales over a long period of time, we expect to find a few complaints. One disgruntled customer could litter the internet with one-star reviews.  Let’s see how Red Rock Secured holds up…

  • Better Business Bureau: A+ Rating with a 4.82/5 star average customer review. The company has two complaints filed in the last 12 months. Both complaints have been resolved by the company.
  • Business Consumer Alliance: AAA rating with the BCA. Red Rock has 141 customer reviews. 132 of these reviews are 5-star ratings.
  • TrustPilot: Red Rock reviews show a 4.75/5 star average rating based on 160 customer reviews. 80% of their reviews are 5-stars.
  • Consumer Affairs: 4.8/5 star average rating based on 133 ratings.
  • BirdEye: 4.9/5 star average rating based on 213 customer reviews.
CheckBCA Red Rock Reviews

AAA Rating with the BCA

Verified customer reviews play a major part in our decision to recommend a company to our readers. 

Red Rock Reviews are stellar across the internet, until we stumble onto TrustLink. Red Rock Secured has a 1-star average review on TrustLink. TrustLink has removed all 5-star Red Rock reviews on the site and labeled them as ‘fake reviews.’ Puzzled by this, we reached out to Red Rock for comment. 

An employee from Red Rock Secured quickly replied, stating that they’ve made multiple attempts to contact TrustLink to discuss and rectify the issue. Red Rock's employee stated that TrustLink has been unresponsive so far. 

Red Rock believes that a competitor may be attempting to hurt their reputation on the site, and its unfortunate TrustLink will not give the common courtesy of a conversation.

According to Red Rock, all other legit review sites have been professional, responsive, and allowed them to fix fake reviews when they pop up (such as fake one-star reviews from former disgruntled employees).

Based on the almost overwhelmingly positive reputation on every other consumer review and watchdog websites, we’re willing to give Red Rock the benefit of the doubt here. There’s appears to be some sort of confusion, and hopefully they’ll get it fixed soon. 

Based on their BBB, BCA, TrustPilot, Consumer Affairs ratings and hundreds of 5-star online reviews, we’ve decided to add Red Rock to our short list of recommended gold companies.

Visit Red Rock Secured to request more information.

TrustPilot Review

Verified TrustPilot Review

Gold IRA Custodian and Storage Options

You can buy and hold silver and gold in your home collection to admire and show off to your friends and family. Red Rock is willing to sell and deliver this gold to you (fully insured) if that’s your goal.

If you’re familiar with the ins and outs of a gold IRA, you know that an individual retirement account needs to be held via an IRA custodian. You likely also know that you cannot hold your metals in your home safe or bury it in your backyard.. 

How do you set this up? What are the fees involved? The good news is that a company like Red Rock (that specializes in IRAs) can set this up for you to ensure it’s done in compliance with the IRS. 

They’ll also cover some (or all) of the fees involved.  See below.

Request Your Free investor Report (2023)

Red Rock Investor Report

Free Report from Red Rock Secured Reveals Strategies to Buy Physical Gold and Silver (Tax-Free) with Your 401(k)...


Red Rock Secured can work with any custodian of your choice. With 10+ years experience serving gold IRAs under their belt, the company can also recommend a custodian if you need a recommendation.

Red Rock’s custodian of choice is Equity Trust. The company has been in business since the 1970s, is one of the largest self-directed IRA custodians in the United States, and the company offers their services for a modest annual fee.

The best part? Red Rock Secured will cover the custodial fees for the first year for all customers. 90% of Red Rock’s customers qualify to have their fees covered for a decade.Some even qualify to have their custodial fees covered for the life of your account. 

Make sure to note this while comparing Red Rock’s services and fees against what other companies are offering. Getting your IRA fees covered ‘for life’ may be enough to nudge you to Red Rock vs another company.

Storage Options

Red Rock Secured works with private gold IRA storage depositories across the U.S. Note: These are non-banking, non-government facilities. 

Some of their preferred private storage partners include; Brinks, International Depository Services (IDS), Delaware Depository Services Company, and others. 

Similar to the custodial fees, Red Rock will cover the first year of fees for all IRA customers. 90% of their clients qualify for 10 years of free storage, and others qualify for free storage for life.

If your account does not qualify, you can expect to pay a total of $200-$250 annually total for both custodial and storage fees after your first year. This is something you can discuss with an account executive.

Request more information from Red Rock Secured here.

Below is an in-depth review from Sam Rexford, detailing all fees, pros, cons, product listing, and more about Red Rock Secured. 

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Red Rock Secured Review: Best for Gold IRAs?

At the time of this writing, we’re impressed with everything that Red Rock Secured is doing for their customers. We’ll go over the pros and cons and you can decide if they’re worth consideration. Here’s what we like about the company…


It’s always good to see an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and an AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). TrustPilot reviews show a history of happy customers endorsing the company.

In addition to their high ratings from customers and wide selection of precious metals, we like that they offer promotions such as:

  • Up to $5,000 in free silver
  • All fees covered for (up to) life of your account
  • Price protection plan guarantee
  • Fair and easy gold buy back program
  • Low account minimums to buy precious metals

When there’s a few solid companies to choose from, sometimes it comes down to choosing the company with the best promotional offer. Be sure to ask about all promotions when comparing these gold IRA companies.


Here’s what we do not like about Red Rock Secured. 

  • Outside of the CEO, corporate website reveals little about company’s team
  • Their challenges with TrustLink
  • No major celebrity endorsements

Perhaps that’s a good thing that Red Rock isn’t shelling out millions of dollars a year to slap a prominent conservative figure’s face on their website. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it seems almost like a prerequisite these days. 

Seeing a familiar face on their promotional materials does lend some credibility that you’re working with a legit company.

One could easily argue that focusing their corporate website on customer education, products, and customer services is far more important than displaying a smiling (paid) celebrity endorsement, but this one noticeable difference from the homepages of Red Rock Secured versus some of the other large gold IRA companies.

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Red Rock Secured: Final Verdict

As inflation runs havoc on our 401(k)s and the media overwhelms our televisions and news feeds with recession fears, many are turning to physical gold and silver. A google search can be a bit overwhelming as more gold IRA companies emerge to capitalize on the exploding market.

In our Red Rock review, there’s a lot we found great about the company. They’re an established business with more than 10 years of serving Americans. 

The company has hundreds of 5-star reviews across the trusted watchdog websites. They work with the top custodians and storage depositories, and are willing to cover all IRA fees for (up to) the life of your account. 

Red Rock Secured has been in business for more than ten years, they offer a market value buyback program, and they’re the only gold IRA company that offers a price protection plan. If you’re looking for a reputable gold dealer, you might want to consider working with Red Rock Secured. 

Request Your Free investor Report (2023)

Red Rock Investor Report

Free Report from Red Rock Secured Reveals Strategies to Buy Physical Gold and Silver (Tax-Free) with Your 401(k)...

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