Silver Gold Bull Review

December 12


Silver Gold Bull Review: Best Gold IRA Company?

Ilir Salihi

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Every gold IRA company we review is distinct in some way, and the same is true in the case of Silver Gold Bull. No, it's not just because they've elected to prioritize the "other" precious metal in their company name.

The first thing that immediately springs up regarding this company is its size. All websites taken into account, it has an amount of reviews that almost beggars belief.

The volume of transactions is in line with this. With over 324,000 customers and more than $4 billion in customer transactions, Silver Gold Bull is the largest gold company we've reviewed to date.

Despite working as both precious metals dealer and gold and silver IRA company, it doesn't seem to have made any compromises in either direction.

To make things even more impressive, the firm services Canadian customers as well as U.S. ones in regards to both investment preferences. It's time to see what Silver Gold Bull has to offer and if anything bad can be said about this behemoth in the industry. 

Executive Summary

With more than 286,000 five-star reviews, Silver Gold Bull is one of the largest and most trusted gold companies in the North America.

Some notable facts:

  • Best price guarantee
  • A+ rated with the BBB
  • 5-star rated by TrustPilot
  • 4.9 stars on Google Reviews
  • 286,000 five-star reviews online

What is unique about Silver Gold Bull's IRA? 

The company is known for low-cost bullion with a best-price guarantee on all bullion bars and coins. Click here to request more information.

Silver Gold Bull company logo
Overall Rating: 
4.8/5 stars





About Silver Gold Bull

Silver Gold Bull is one of those companies without a particularly detailed company profile. However, just based on the company's size and general feedback, we don't find it particularly concerning.

Scarce as it might be, their About page speaks about their commitment to competitive pricing, a good customer experience and international shipping. Founded in 2008, their Better Business Bureau page reveals that they've been accredited with the customer watchdog for more than 10 years.

As mentioned, the company seems to operate almost equally out of both the U.S. and Canada, with offices in both Las Vegas and Calgary. That makes them one of the few companies we've come across that hasn't set up their headquarters in California.

Affirming their reputation in both regions, they've received a 2018 award for the Canadian Bullion Dealer of the Year as well as a similar accolade as the "Best Online Shop" in 2022 from Newsweek.

One other thing that stands out about this company is the diversity of their payment methods, which can be limited based on the size of the purchase. In the absence of a rollover, you can choose between debit or credit card, check, wire, PayPal and crypto depending on where your purchase falls between a range of $1,000 and $250,000.

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Protect Your Retirement with Gold and Silver

Silver Gold Bull company logo

Request your free gold IRA investor kit from Silver Gold Bull today...

  • Bullion coins at the lowest markup
  • Best price guarantee
  • No account minimums 
  • Over 324,000 customers in the U.S. & Canada
  • Over 286,000 verified 5-star reviews
  • 12+ years in business and almost $4 billion in sales

Silver Gold Bull Products

Precious metals IRA

Silver Gold Bull is indeed one of the few massive bullion shops whose IRA offering doesn't come off as secondary. We'd say they place equal importance on retirement accounts as they do on regular bullion brokerage.

The website has a dedicated section for precious metals IRAs, where customers are streamlined through the process. Notably, Silver Gold Bull provides dedicated representatives to those opening a retirement account, which isn't always the case with a bullion dealer of this size.

All four precious metals are eligible for entry into the newly-created IRA, with varying custodians based on customer preference and depositories under the management of Brink's. The fee structure obviously varies, especially since they're serving two different countries, but here is what we've come across:

  • 5% markup on all the products they sell, be it outside or inside of an IRA
  • No fees to open a gold IRA
  • $1,000 minimum account balance for the newly-created IRA
  • Varying storage and custody fees that rarely exceed $200 each annually
Silver Gold Bull - gold IRA dealer


Silver might be prioritized in the name, but gold is the precious metal everyone wants to hear about first. As expected, their selection of gold products does not leave wanting.

The immensity of the inventory actually makes the site a bit difficult to navigate, so we'll try to group the products in a manner similar to how Silver Gold Bull has without passing up on relevancy.

Note: Below is just an example of your selection of precious metals available for purchase at Silver Gold Bull. Not all precious metals are eligible for a gold IRA. This list includes both IRA eligible products and their inventory of collectible coins. 

If you choose to open a gold IRA with Silver Gold Bull, your IRA specialist will ensure your selected purchases are eligible for inclusion in a precious metals IRA.

  • American Gold Eagles: Bullion and proof, different years, different denominations
  • Other American gold coins, such as American Buffalos, commemorative and so on
  • Canadian Maple Leaf: Bullion and proof, different years, different denominations
  • Other Canadian gold coins, such as wildlife-themed ones
  • Australian Gold coins, bullion and proof, many popular and some lesser-known varieties
  • Chinese Gold Pandas, bullion and proof, different year and denominations
  • European gold coins, starting with Austrian Philharmonic but extending to pretty much everything you might have heard of
  • Gold bars, many different mints and weights
  • Many rare and collectible coins, American and European

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Silver Gold Bull selection of gold coins and bullion bars

Silver Gold Bull offers wide selection of gold bars and coins


Just as numerous as their gold offering, the silver product listing is going to satisfy pretty much everyone as well as serve items you aren't likely to find that often.

  • American Silver Eagles, bullion and proof, different years
  • Pretty much every other notable American silver coin you've heard of
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leafs, bullion and Proof, different years
  • Other Canadian silver notables
  • Silver coins from top sovereign mints such as Chinese Pandas, Austrian Philharmonics, Britannias, Mexican Libertads and so on
  • Various "junk silver" coins with individual listings
  • Silver numismatics of a wide array of rarity and value
  • Silver bars from many different mints and in varying weights, including a "hand poured" silver bar selection
  • Silver rounds from multiple mints

Learn More About Gold & Silver IRAs at


Here is where the product selection starts falling off, though we wouldn't really fault the company given the overall strength of the inventory.

The platinum section is small, but should have something to most investors' liking. Really, it's only comparatively small. The overall product choices are still greater than those of nearly any other vendor. It includes:

  • American Platinum Eagle, different years and condition
  • Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf, different years and condition
  • Platinum coins from other top sovereign mints, such as Australian, Philharmonic and Britannias
  • Some of the lesser known platinum coins available, such as South African and Rwandan
  • Commemorative platinum coins
  • Platinum bars in many different weights and from many different top mints


The smallest selection out of the four precious metals, the palladium roster again doesn't leave investors wanting, with many top items on display. These include:

  • Canadian Palladium Maple leaf, different years
  • Russian Ballerinas
  • A few commemorative palladium coins
  • Palladium bars from top mints ranging in weights from 1 gram to 10 oz

Visit and check out their selection of precious metals and competitive prices for yourself.

Other products

Still not exhausted by what Silver Gold Bull has to offer? While this review is focuses primarily on their precious metals IRA offer, it's important to note that Silver Gold Bull is a full e-commerce shop with products for a wide range of investors and collectors.

Among the "secondary" listings in their inventory is a palette of high-quality copper products, appealing jewelry, various gift packages and so on. Jewelry and gifts are available in either gold or silver and include some very interesting choices.

Silver Gold Bull's office in Canada specializes in Gold RRSPs, allowing TFSA and RRSP account owners to convert retirement funds into physical gold and silver.


Silver Gold Bull offers buybacks both in the form of precious metals you've purchased from them and the option to sell your bullion to them. Whichever option you go for, the website lists its commitment towards making a competitive price match and providing a smooth process with quick shipping and payment.

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Protect Your Retirement with Gold and Silver

Silver Gold Bull company logo

Request your free gold IRA investor kit from Silver Gold Bull today...

  • Bullion coins at the lowest markup
  • Best price guarantee
  • No account minimums 
  • Over 324,000 customers in the U.S. & Canada
  • Over 286,000 verified 5-star reviews
  • 12+ years in business and almost $4 billion in sales

Silver Gold Bull reviews

When a company boasts over 300,000 customer reviews, "Where to begin?" is a question that immediately springs to mind. Well, it's probably best to start with the website that has the bulk of their customer reviews, which is ShopperApproved. 

Here, they've gathered an astounding 301,728 customer reviews, with over 296,000 falling into the 5-star category, a little over 4,000 in the 4-star category and no more than 1,000 in each subsequent category. We've come across companies that mention having processed billions in transactions, but none with anywhere close to this number of reviews. shows a 4.5 star average customer rating based on 82 reviews. 70 of these 82 client reviews rate the company at 5-stars.

Silver Gold Bull SiteJabber

The Better Business Bureau page curiously comes off as the worst of the bunch. Even though they've been accredited for 12 years with an A+, the highest possible score, they "only" have a 4.13 out of 5 stars based on 30 reviews. We'll get into the why in a minute.

Trustpilot is yet another website with a huge amount of positive feedback, numbering 3,244 reviews total which give them an aggregate rating of 4.8 stars. 88% 5-star reviews, 7% 4-star ones, and the rest somewhat evenly spread.

There's only so much we can say in a brief overview of a company that has positive feedback from around 300,000 customers. Product prices, company approach, customer care, fees, selection and everything else is praised. 

Time and again, customers in and out of the U.S. praise either doing business with the company for the first time or choosing them as a recurring bullion vendor. Both the IRA section of their website and their general bullion dealership receive broad, over-arching praise.

Online reviews for Silver Gold Bull

Silver Gold Bull has 296,000+ 5-star customer reviews on

Silver Gold Bull complaints

Let's be realistic: with 300,000 reviews, you can't hope to have everyone satisfied. Because of the almost ridiculous number of positive reviews, it's kind of difficult to give attention to negative reviews in a way that properly highlights how overwhelmingly positive the feedback is. But we'll try.

What do the dissatisfied customers say? The occasional disgruntled buyer complains about shipping insurance, such as that their items were stolen and Silver Gold Bull took too long to sorten things out.

The four complaints on BBB either speak of damaged products or issues with payment. However, each of the four complaints is answered and resolved to the customer's satisfaction, making us wonder if the relatively low rating is justified.

Generally, the negative feedback is what you might expect: a huge company that sometimes mishandles a few orders, but reimburses customers to their satisfaction and promptly replies. There are also the few customers running into bad apples in terms of sales reps: curiously, the same sales rep is mentioned multiple times by different customers. Perhaps a chat with the top brass is in order?

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Silver Gold Bull pros and cons


  • A very deep and intricate offering of physical precious metals in all four categories for your IRA, as well as things like jewelry and copper for cash purchases
  • Many different payment methods accepted by customers around the world
  • Clear markup and prices listed on every product make Silver Gold Bull a standout in the gold IRA industry
  • No account minimums on IRAs. Some gold IRA dealers have account minimums as high as $50,000. With Silver Gold Bull, you can setup an account with as little as $1,000.


  • Some might prefer doing business with a U.S.-only company, especially for IRAs
  • Serving a massive number of customers may leave room for a few mistakes
  • In line with this, some might find a smaller company better able to provide tailored customer support

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Silver Gold Bull review - Verdict

As we went over in the complaints section, the tale of Silver Gold Bull as a precious metals broker and gold IRA provider is a tale of good outweighing the bad. And it's a tale of doing so even when the numbers seem implausible. 

You'll struggle to find a company with over 300,000 reviews, and if you do, having a nearly 90% flawless feedback is going to seem impossible. This doesn't just hold true for bullion companies: feel free to look around for any company with this volume of transactions and consequently number of reviews.

Obviously, bullion sales can be a messy business. People can be picky about items, want the best prices, aren't always satisfied with what they've got and so on. Some might not understand all that well what they're purchasing, or even why. And, of course, issues can happen as the items are being shipped. 

Despite all of this, Silver Gold Bull has, for the most part, managed to avoid incurring any kind of significant negative feedback and remains overwhelmingly on the positive side as it approaches two decades in business. 

All of this is made even more impressive considering its worldwide shipping, wide variety of payment methods and even IRA servicing for both U.S. and Canadian clients.

The inventory isn't just one of the best we've seen out of any company: it's also one of the clearest, with prices listed in detail along with the markup.

Again, as mentioned, the biggest drawback of the company one might consider is that the size has to somewhat limit the kind of customer service they're able to provide, though all accounts say it's a commendable one.

If we're really reaching, we might also mention that quite a few items in their inventory are out of stock. 

But since we generally find leaving out-of-stock items listed on the website as a good thing for better transparency, we must concur there truly aren't that many bad things to say about the company.

And when it comes to the accolades, take your picking. We'd recommend it to everyone from small first-time bullion buyers to those wanting to roll over large IRAs and every other group of bullion enthusiasts you could think of.

Click here to visit their website at (U.S.)

Click here to learn more about their Gold IRA offer

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Protect Your Retirement with Gold and Silver

Silver Gold Bull company logo

Request your free gold IRA investor kit from Silver Gold Bull today...

  • Bullion coins at the lowest markup
  • Best price guarantee
  • No account minimums 
  • Over 324,000 customers in the U.S. & Canada
  • Over 286,000 verified 5-star reviews
  • 12+ years in business and almost $4 billion in sales


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