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American Bullion Review: Is the Gold Firm Worth Your Investment?


American Bullion Review: Is the Gold Firm Worth Your Investment?

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American Bullion ratings review

Founded in 2009, American Bullion is one of the larger and more well established precious metals dealers in the U.S. The gold dealer sells precious metals directly on their online website, but specialize in Gold IRAs.

The company claims to have pioneered and ‘streamlined’ the Gold IRA process that is today mimicked by many of their competitors.

American Bullion Review

Our Rating: 4.7

tl;dr Summary:

In business for over a decade, American Bullion is an established Gold IRA dealers in the U.S. 

The firm boasts a knowledgable staff, smart pricing, and a reasonable buyback program, Based on our review, American Bullion is a reputable gold IRA company.

Company History

Orkan Ozkan and Nevtan Akcora brought years of experience as commodity brokers into launching American Bullion. They started the company with a vision to offer investors an easy way to hedge their retirement portfolio against economic uncertainty with precious metals.

In 2013, American Bullion was the first precious metals dealer to accept bitcoin. The company has created a Scholarship program for students in need of financial aid, and has earned awards in recent years including the Bullion.Directory “Bullion dealer of the Year” award for both 2017 and 2018.

American Bullion’s founders have been featured and quoted in the media and financial publications such as Business Insider, MarketWatch, Fox, and more…

American Bullion Review: Online Ratings and Complaints

While the gold IRA dealer prides itself in being a top-tier dealer, we review what their actual clients had to say. Here’s what we found:

We were able to find a few complaints against the gold dealer, but nothing that stand out as red flags to us. You can read through some of the American Bullion reviews in the above links. 

It’s important to note that the gold company has been in business for over a decade and have done millions of dollars in transactions. With a large client base, and such a high volume of business, a few complaints are to be expected.

American Bullion Review: Pros and Cons

What do we like about the company? American Bullion is a high standing member of the precious metals community. They’ve been in business over a decade.

They’re members of the National Ethics Association (NEA), ICTA (industry watchdog), the Professional Coin Grading Service (PGCS), they are a U.S. Mint listed dealer, a Royal Canadian Mint listed dealer, and more. They’ve done millions of dollars in Gold IRAs and home delivery transactions.

When compared to their peers, American Bullion is comparable in fee structure, costs for doing business, and the company offers a generous buyback program…

They know what they’re doing.

American Bullion Review

Our Rating: 4.7

American Bullion is one of the larger Gold IRA dealers in the U.S. 

With more than a decade in business, a knowledgable staff, smart pricing, and a reasonable buyback program, American Bullion is a trusted gold company.

What We Don't Like About American Bullion

We don't have much to criticize. We were able to pull up a few complaints online. When dealing with a firm that's been in business for over a decade with thousands of customers across the U.S., we expect to find some sort of negative review. It appears the few customer complaints for American Bullion center around communication issues with the account representative.

If you’re going to contact the gold dealer, you’ll likely have an excellent experience, but just make sure you get all questions answered before investing. Make sure to get all fees, costs, and prices of your metals in writing. This allows less room for any possible miscommunication that could stem from dealing primarily over the phone.

Also, do not hesitate to contact more than one dealer and compare everything before investing your money with any one company.

American Bullion is an industry veteran with thousands of happy customers across the U.S., but there are many alternative assets dealers available for your selection. Due diligence ensures you’ll make the right decision for your finances.

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